Cases involving 18-wheelers or semi-trucks are not the same as car wreck cases. The Cowden Law Firm has experience handling trucking cases, and knows how to hold trucking companies accountable for the injuries they cause.

Every year, thousands of individuals are injured in accidents involving heavy trucks and 18-wheelers. These vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and travel at highway speeds. This combination the size and speed results in tremendous force that can have devastating effects. Not surprisingly, semi-trucks and 18-wheelers cause about twice as many fatalities as regular passenger vehicles.

Handling a trucking case is very different than a typical car accident.  Trucking  companies and truck drivers are required to follow federal and state safety regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets standards for commercial vehicles in the United States. These are the “rules of the road” for all commercial vehicles, and they contain a long list of safety rules trucking companies must follow.

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Some of the regulations involved in many trucking cases include:

  • Alcohol and drug testing
  • Disqualification of drivers
  • Rules for inspection and maintenance of the vehicle
  • Hours of service rules
  • Minimum levels of financial responsibility
  • Rules for transporting hazardous materials
  • Driving in hazardous conditions

Unfortunately, trucking companies commonly violate the safety regulations and put profits over safety. Some of the most common ways trucking companies cut corners include:

  • Hiring truck drivers with bad driving records and a history of accidents
  • Encouraging drivers to work too many hours beyond the safety regulations, causing fatigue on the road
  • Failing to perform appropriate maintenance and inspection of vehicles equipment such as brakes and tires
  • Encouraging drivers to speed by promising better pay for faster delivery
  • Failing to enforce rules against truck drivers using mobile devices while driving

Fighting for the justice you deserve

If you are injured in a trucking accident, you will not get full compensation from the trucking company unless your lawyer knows the specific regulations that apply to trucking companies and where to find evidence of misconduct. The Cowden Law Firm has experience handling cases against trucking companies and truck drivers. We know their defense tactics and playbook in lawsuits. We know what documents and materials can contain evidence of misconduct, and we know how to get them.

The Cowden Law firm has experience handling cases involving trucking and 18 wheelers where victims suffer serious injuries or even death. With our extensive experience and knowledge of trucking regulations, we do not fall for the common defense tactics of trucking companies. We always seek maximum compensation for our clients. We will hold the truck driver and company responsible and will fight for the justice you deserve.

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